TCCL signs MoU with KNUST

The theme of the conference was ‘Promoting, Creating and Innovating through Engineering, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship for Development’.

The purpose of the MoU is to outline areas of collaboration and cooperation. It signifies the commitment of KNUST and TCCL to work together to improve the technical expertise of students graduating from KNUST for the benefit of industry and for KNUST to provide extension services to improve the operations of the company.

The MoU includes the following areas of assistance by TCCL:

Student internships programmes – TCCL will offer 3rd year students to undertake a minimum of 8 weeks of supervised training during the long vacation.

Career fairs – TCCL shall participate through company presentation on the scope of activities to students, conduct interviews and aptitude tests for graduating students as part of recruitment process.

Student Awards – as a way of encouraging excellence among students, TCCL shall establish an Award for the best students in Metallurgical engineering.

Industrial presentation seminars – TCCL will endeavour to take part in industrial presentation seminars to serve as a platform for senior and experienced engineers from industry to share their thoughts and experiences with students.

Field trips for students – TCCL will endeavour to open its project sites to KNUST students on field trips.

Equipment support – the company may allow staff and student to have access to its laboratories and use some of the equipment for purposes of research.

KNUST would facilitate implementation of company’s obligations under the MoU as follows:

Industrial Training – KNUST will select, place and monitor the performance of students sent to TCCL for industrial training.

Career fairs – KNUST will provide the platform for TCCL to make presentation to students, will provide classrooms as required for job interviews and aptitude tests for job placements.

Field Trips: KNUST will ensure that staff and students have appropriate insurance cover, adequate protective clothing and observe all site regulations.

Further, KNUST would support and provide various services to the company in the areas of technical support, workshops and seminars, any other areas that would mutually be beneficial to either Party or Ghana in general.

Both parties undertake to act in good faith and fairness and to adopt all reasonable measures to ensure the realization of the objective of this Memorandum of Understanding.


TCCL signs MoU with KNUST


Sep 14, 2015